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Famous Massage Techniques

Since the beginning of history, massages have always been used as treatment of sore muscles and aches. Nowadays there are other options such as medical treatment, whirlpools, and heating pads but messages still play a big role in relaxation and pain relief. These are some of the more popular massage…

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What Is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage

What is Nuru Massage? After undergoing pressure from everyday activities, our bodies ache and crave for relaxation. Luckily, there are many methods that can help you relax. One of the most effective of them is perhaps a good massage by a skilled professional: among them, the Nuru massage. For those…

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A taste of Kaishun body-to-body slide

A Taste Of Kaishun Body-To-Body Massage There are many forms of sensual experiences provided by massage parlors all over the world, but just like anything else, there can only be one ultimate. The body-to-body massage, also known as body-to-body slide, is without a doubt the deepest, most intimate massage technique…

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Hong Kong Massage – Kaishun Style

Her kind eyes sparkled as she watched my body react to her touch. I fed hungrily on the sight of her, starting with her milky thighs that were draped over my waist. I followed the curve of her body like it was my destiny, taking in her silky skin and…

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The Charm and Beauty of Kaishun Tantric Massage Therapists

The lure of a Kaishun Tantric massage Hong Kong therpaist when she performs tantric massages in the nude is something which words are an appropriate medium for. She looks so beautiful and slim in her bodily pose and is very enticing indeed. Her long, black hair sweeps down to her…

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