Famous Massage Techniques

massage techniques

Since the beginning of history, massages have always been used as treatment of sore muscles and aches. Nowadays there are other options such as medical treatment, whirlpools, and heating pads but messages still play a big role in relaxation and pain relief. These are some of the more popular massage treatments.

Swedish massage

This is one of the most common types of messages and it’s practically done in most parts of the world. Most massage parlors and masseuse practice this type of bodywork as it is the most well-known. The main aim of this technique is to get the body to be in a relaxed state. The technique involves rubbing muscles and blood vessels towards the general direction of the heart.

Some of the benefits of a Swedish massage are it oxygen levels in the blood are increased, eases tension, improves circulation, improved immunity because of the increase in white blood cells and decreases muscle toxins.

Deep Tissue massage

The main purpose of this technique is to release the chronic tension that is found deep underneath the body surface. The back contains 5 layers of muscle, the Swedish massage may only be able to relieve pressure on the first layer, but deep tissue massage is designed to target well below the five layers. This technique involves slow and direct strokes that go along the grains of the back muscles. The masseuse will use elbows, thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the muscles.

This technique is more common among casual athletes and some of its benefits include releasing chronic muscle tension and improving blood pressure.

Tantric Massage

A tantric massage is a combination of sensual touch and the more conventional traditional massages. Its primary role is not for sexual release but for the seven energies (chakras) to be fully awakened. This technique involves massaging the body from the bottom of the spine, slowly rising through the rest of the back and body. It’s believed that the energies can be found along the spine and the main aim of the tantric masseuse is to align and release the stored energy.

Benefits of tantric massage are a relaxed body and mind, improved breathing and sexual arousal is achieved.

Sports massage

It’s a technique that is similar to both Swedish and deep tissue massage. It’s a more focused, detailed and anatomically specific massage tailored to your unique body type. Its main aim is to correct physical issues. It targets muscle-tendon junctions.

Benefits include reduce recovery time in athletes, enhances pre-event preparation, promotes flexibility, the body is fully prepped for optimal performance, reduces fatigue, prevents injuries and improves endurance.

Hot stone massage

Smooth heated stones are lightly placed on specific parts of the back. Those parts are warmed and they end loosening the tight muscles re-balancing the energy centers. The massage therapist may sometimes hold the stones to increase the pressure on the back.

Benefits of hot stone massage are is has a sedative effect that’s been known to relieve chronic pain, decreases muscle spasms and pain, improved blood flow and increases flexibility in joints.