Hong Kong Massage – Kaishun Style

Her kind eyes sparkled as she watched my body react to her touch. I fed hungrily on the sight of her, starting with her milky thighs that were draped over my waist. I followed the curve of her body like it was my destiny, taking in her silky skin and petite frame. Her bare breasts showcased full, perky nipples and her raven hair danced in the candlelight. As I lay on my back looking up at her, I met her gaze and she smiled. It was a smile of peace, a smile of comfort, a smile of trust and I melted into the Tantric Kaishun moment.

She moved her way up my chest, positioning her naked behind on my stomach. Her actions delighted my senses. She reached for more massage oil and applied the warm, fragrant concoction to her hands. She then used her palms to apply smooth yet firm pressure up to my shoulders and lingered there for a while, expertly tending to each knot and every stiff muscle. She reached around my neck, pressing her fingertips into my upper spine and following the natural curve of my nape. Her fingers continued their journey upward until they reached my head. She leaned forward to massage my scalp and ears, her nipples brushing against my bare chest and her hair falling lightly around my face. I closed my eyes and took three deep breathes, intoxicated by the smell of her.

When the massage was over, I felt relaxed yet stimulated. That night I had the best sleep of my life and awoke feeling rejuvenated. This was my first experience with Hong Kong massage and it is certainly one that I will never forget. Easily the most erotic moment in my life, I can still smell her skin and feel her touch. More than just physical, she put my mind at ease and for that rare and wonderful gift, I will miss her.