A taste of Kaishun body-to-body slide

A Taste Of Kaishun Body-To-Body Massage

There are many forms of sensual experiences provided by massage parlors all over the world, but just like anything else, there can only be one ultimate. The body-to-body massage, also known as body-to-body slide, is without a doubt the deepest, most intimate massage technique any man will ever experience.

When set in the romantically mystical environment which can only be created by an erotic goddess from the orient, the majestic sights and soothing sounds create an ambiance that soothes the mind and calms the body before your masseuse even puts her beautiful little hands on you.

Do you long for the Kaishun body-to-body massage experience in the comfort of your home or hotel room in Wan chai, Tsim Sha Tsui or other areas in and around Hong Kong? We have an outcall service to most locations in 30 minutes. See our outcall prices for more information.

The unforgettable Kaishun body-to-body massage experience

If you will, visualize a sensual being from the heart of Hong Kong dressed in the most tantalizing lingerie. The kind that seems to reveal it all without showing everything perched atop a set of heels that seem to have fallen straight out of heaven and molded to her pretty little feet and supple pink toes.

As she floats across the room to hover over her client’s prone body, she stares at him with a pair of eyes that seem to contain eternity. As she begins to ply his tired muscles, her client’s mind begins to release all his troubles and drifts off into a zone he never knew existed. While she rubs, grips and kneads his every contour her magical digits actually feel as though they are massaging the very depths of his soul.

Once she has manually massaged every single inch of his reverse side from the base of his skull to the very heels of his sorely fatigued feet, she slides off her lingerie, oils her body in the most tantalizing fashion imaginable and then proceeds to slide across her client in a way that can only be described as the combination of a sensual dance and the most intimate embrace of one’s spirit. This body-to-body massage already seems like the most sacred and most sensually experience her patron has ever been involved in, but this is where things go to another level.

She turns him over onto his back and as she does, the entire room seems to have transferred to another dimension from where it started. The music seems to play deeply inside his chest. The lighting seems to create the effect of the whole universe sitting just on the tip of his eyelashes and although relaxed beyond belief, the anticipation of what is next causes his heart to beat just a little harder.

The beautiful masseuse whom he now has come to view as a sexually charged goddess begins to slowly massage his feet and thighs in a way that seems to snatch all the tension from every mile he has ever walked in his entire life. She slowly yet methodically works her way around his ankles and up his calves. As she reaches his upper thighs, she also begins to slide her magnificent smooth body over his legs in a body-to-body massage. He still cannot quite figure out how she does it, but he can feel every single contour of her body embracing, caressing and massaging his.

He looks down and notices that she is not looking at her hands or his body. She is instead looking at his face and when he peers into her eyes, they seem to hold the answers to every quandary in the universe. She continues to manually massage him, moving up to his groin but graciously avoiding gripping, grabbing or pulling on his lingham. She simply caresses his various extremities a few times before moving up to his torso.

The masseuse – who now has her client completely enraptured in her every move – then begins to firmly yet delicately knead her patron’s stomach and side in a way that he never knew could feel so good. She then works her way up to his neck and shoulders while embracing and massaging his entire being with her extremely lithe body.

Just when he feels he is about to explode, she works her way back down and grabs his stone hard lingham. With both hands, she gives him the most satisfying release he has ever had in his entire life.

This is the body-to-body massage experience we can provide you.

Ready to experience your first Kaishun Body-to-body Massage in Hong Kong?

Whether you are a local or travelling to HK for business or leisure – our body-to-body massage service will provide an experience you will never forget. Our services are both professional and discreet, available either in our parlor or in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

Here at Kaishun massage, we understand that booking your own sensual body-to-body massage for the first time can be a little bit daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide for first-timers, to help you navigate the intimate massage scene in Hong Kong and make the perfect choice to suit your preferences.

As well as being skilled professionals well-versed in the art on body-to-body massage, our masseuses are beautiful without question. We employ masseuses to suit a range of body type preferences: from five feet tall petite cuties through to statuesque beauties that evoke the presence of a catwalk model, we have got it all.

Most importantly, our body-to-body masseuses are all hospitable, intuitive and charming. With a natural inclination to serve and please, we have no doubt that our masseuses will meet your every need. For extra information on our body-to-body masseuses, their training and more, please visit this page.

Don’t let your stresses and tensions stay with you. Let us relax and soothe your tensions with our body-to-body massage. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our expert masseuses await your call!